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Art and culture are commonly perceived as engines of social progress, yet artists are too often left out of development politics. There is, on the one side, the art of museums, festivals and biennials, and on the other, philanthropic foundations and NGOs. Located at the crossroads of these two "worlds," this annual fellowship supports outstanding individuals who effect significant social action by means of culture. These individuals consolidate the social tissue of fragilized communities through the transmission and elaboration of knowledge and values. In the long term, their initiatives give visibility to these communities and renew the ways in which they represent themselves. Council seeks to valorize the methodologies developed by such cultural actors, and to inspire philanthropic politics. This grant helps build an international network of people who engage daily in social and artistic experimentation in the long term.

Lia Rodrigues
(2014 — Rio)

Fernando García-Dory
(2016 — )

Yassin al-Haj Saleh
(2016 - Istanbul)

Zanele Muholi
(2014 — Cape Town)

Alejandra Ballon Guttiérrez
(2015 - Lima)

(2015 - Amman)