Founder of the cultural center “Centro de Artes da Maré”, in the Maré favela, near Rio (Brazil), the choreographer Lia Rodrigues makes no distinction between training and creation, between dance and social context.

For over ten years, Rodrigues offers contemporary dance classes, training amateurs and professionals alike. It is a place where each dancer finds the tools, through conferences and workshops, to become a professional with decent working conditions. Gradually, Rodrigues alters the socio-cultural fabric of the the favela.

In this center, as in her choreographic productions, artistic commitment goes hand in hand with politics. Create spaces for debate, raise awareness of issues related to contemporary art, and invest in creating new audiences: these are some of the founding principles of the company.

2014's fellows were selected by Council's board members. This fellowship is granted by Tsadik Foundation.

video's credits

  • Lia Rodrigues interviewed by Christine de Smedt
  • Realisation Kathryn Marshall
  • Editing Maya Boquet
  • Thanks to O Espaco do Tempo

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