Traditionally, a council is a group of people who gather to take decisions for both themselves and for those they represent. Councils operate across cultures and at many levels of society including families, schools, trade unions, corporations, governments, and religious communities. Our Council assembles people and knowledge from the arts, sciences and civil society in order to foster new understandings of societal issues. It does this in a variety of ways.

Most of our work to date has involved developing long-term ‘inquiries’ that address political, social and environmental issues. Within these inquiries, we curate exhibitions and public programmes, and commission new works and texts by artists, researchers and activists. Alongside these activities, we established a fellowship programme for artists and cultural producers who instigate social change through long-term initiatives.

Founded as a not-for-profit organisation in 2013, Council is based in Paris, but the team and our partners are international. We are currently developing projects in Bangladesh, Belgium, Colombia, Greece, France, Norway, Russia and the United States.

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You are on the homepage of the Council’s production program, which serves to accompany artists in the realization of their works. Complementary to pre-existing resources, this production program brings together the technical and financial means, teams and distribution circuits adapted to the specific needs of each work, regardless of their size or medium. Certain works are directly related to Council's inquiries. In parallel, Council initiates a dialogue with collectors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists in order to implicate them in the production of works. Through these measures, Council intends to give greater autonomy to the artists, favoring new practices of production.

Deaf Experience and the Transformation of Hearing

WITHIN / Infinite Ear
  • – with:
  • Tarek Atoui
  • *
  • Exhibition
  • produced during the inquiry TACET
(September 1st - October 1st, 2016 — Bergen)

Dialogues and exercises in shrinking and expanding the human.

Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge No. 18: On Becoming Earthlings
  • – with:
  • Mobile Academy Berlin
  • *
  • Event
  • produced during the inquiry
  • "On Becoming Earthlings"
(7pm November 21st, 2015 — Paris)

On the changing nature of Nature in contra naturam law.

The Manufacturing of Rights: Beirut
  • – with:
  • 12 contributions
  • *
  • booklet
  • published during the inquiry
  • "The Manufacturing of Rights"
(14/05/2015 — Beirut)

Representations of tahitian women after Gauguin.

Why Are You Angry?
  • – with:
  • Rosalind Nashashibi
  • Lucy Skaer
  • *
  • film
(2013/2015 — London, Tahiti)

On the institutionalization of sexualities and bodies.

Deseos / رغبات
  • – with:
  • Carlos Motta
  • Maya Mikdashi
  • *
  • video
  • initiated during the inquiry
  • "The Manufacturing of Rights"
(2015 — Beirut, Suesca, Bogotá)