Souleymane 'Solo' Sana

Souleymane Solo Sana was awarded the 2019 AFIELD mentorship programme for his initiative Kono Gnaga in Mali. Kono Gnaga is a local Malian association aiming at preserving traditional music and dance and to create opportunities for local West African artists and communities in Mali. The NGO achieves this mission through its three objectives: cultural preservation, arts education, and arts for development. Participants are young men and women, particularly those coming from marginalized and vulnerable populations. Its ambition is develop their own dance and music center where they can work with children and local artists across communities and include those not involved in formal education to promote better understanding of the community cultural heritage.1

Throughout this 18 month mentorship, Souleymane will identify immediate achievable objectives and create a long-term plan. The project will benefit from the help of Lia Rodrigues and her experience in the creation of her dance center for marginalized communities.

Souleymane Solo Sana is an accomplished traditional dancer from Mali (West Africa). Dedicated to the preservation of traditional dance, music, and culture, he is committed to maintain an accurate representation and disbursement of traditional information, movement, and rhythm. As a principal member for one of the premiere companies of Mali, Ballet Du District de Bamako, he has proven himself as a leader among the artistic community. He is currently based in Mali but performing and teaching workshops all over the world. Recently, he has created Sira Koro, a dance and music ensemble in Mali, to bring new perspectives to traditions while providing opportunities for young artists in Mali, where he is the artistic director and choreographer.

For more information, please visit Souleymane Solo Sana's personal website, his organisation website and follow their activity on Facebook and Instagram.

Images Courtesy of the Artist

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