Behind the S.C.E.N.E. x La Gaîté Lyrique

On Friday 5th April, Sandra Terdjman, co-founder of AFIELD and Council, was invited to participate to « BEHIND THE S.C.E.N.E.: Skills for Cultural Entrepreneurs Navigating Europe », a day dedicated to international solidarity and cultural entrepreneurship in Europe, organized by Creature in partnership with the Gaîté Lyrique.

The goal of the day was to gather and share the experiences of young entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and origins, alongside experts and stakeholders in the French cultural sector and residents of Gaîté Lyrique, in order to benefit to the greatest number.

In this framework, Sandra was part of the round table "models of social and local impact: cultural entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond” moderated by Abi Tariq from Culture Backstage. She was in conversation with Angie Cotte from the Roberto Cimetta Fund investigating the overlapping social and ethical concerns of the represented organisations and the cultural projects they support in unlikely situations and places across the planet.

The round table raised questions such as: how can cultural entrepreneurship evolve to care about questions of sustainability, ethics and fair-trade? How can culture impact local environments and support peripheral initiatives?. Through mobility grants and mentorship programs, the Roberto Cimetta Fund and Council support the movement towards engaged and ethical practices by helping cultural practitioners working on a local scale.

BEHIND THE S.C.E.N.E. : Skills for Cultural Entrepreneurs Navigating Europe

organized by


in partnership with

Gaîté Lyrique

Cover and top image: Models of social an local impact: cultural entrepreneurship, Sandra Terdjman in conversation with Angie Cotte, Gaîté Lyrique, 2019 © Abi Tariq