L’art n’a de sens que si partagé – numéro 1

On 25 May 2018, Council was invited to participate in L’art n’a de sens que si partagé (Art only has meaning if shared), the first meeting of a series of events dedicated to creating bridges and exchanges with leaders of innovative projects, acting at the intersection of art, social and associative and entrepreneurial circles.

“In relation to contemporary challenges, art and artists are catalysts for innovation and sharing. They appear as central actors, able to develop perspectives and tools that can transform our perception, broaden our horizons and offer us alternative strategies for action in society.”

The event brought together the leaders of innovative projects at the crossroads of the art world, associations and entrepreneurs to come and share their experience, with the aim of creating bridges between these practices.

In this framework, Sandra Terdjman and Grégory Castéra (Council) acted as moderators of the round table “For a creative philanthropy”, with Colette Barbier (director, Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard), Iordanis Kerenidis (collector and research director, CNRS), Piergiorgio Pepe (collector and expert in ethics and teacher at SciencesPo and INSEAD), Anne Davidian (head of the Evens Foundation - France) and Mélanie Bouteloup (Director, Bétonsalon - Center for Art and Research & Villa Vassilieff).

Also, Sandra Terdjman and Salomé Burstein (Council) were part of the round table “Art and Social Engagement, along with Paul Boulenger (About A Worker), Jennifer Leblond (THOT), Ola Abdallah (syrian artist refugee in France), Mouna Mekouar (curator and art critic) organized by Thanks for Nothing (Bethsabée Attali, Anais de Senneville, Blanche de Lestrange and Marine Van Schoonbeek).

Conference of a series of events


Bétonsalon – Centre d’art et de recherche
Villa Vassilieff


Pernod Ricard Mécénat
Fondation Carasso
Université Paris Diderot
Marie de Paris
Préfet de la régiion d’île de France
La culture avec la copie privée
Unité Epigénétique et Destin Cellulaire
Slash Paris

Cover image: Art and social engagement, Sandra Terdjman and Salomé Burstein (Council) in conversation with Blanche de Lestrange (Thanks for Nothing) and Paul Boulanger (About A Worker), 2018

Top image: For a creative philantropy, talk moderated by Council (Sandra Terdjman et Grégory Castéra), 2018