Rojava Film Commune

The 2020 AFIELD Fellowship is awarded to Rojava Film Commune1 (represented by Kurdish filmmaker Sevinaz Evdike), a local film collective rooted in Rojava’s revolutionary philosophy and inspired by the Democratic multicultural self-administration in the North and East of Syria.

“In a region where culture has been suppressed constantly by central powers and terrorist organizations, where the youth has only Turkish soap operas and Syrian state television available, we aim to foster access to a diverse range of films and encourage cinema culture as a tool for social change” says Evdike.

For the past five years The Rojava International Film Festival has screened hundreds of films over several days in most cities in Rojava, as well as villages and IDP (internally displaced person) camps. The festival has allowed the region an open window to the world. The Film Academy2 (which has, due to Turkish threats been in closure for the last two years) trains youth in filmmaking, storytelling and visual media paving their creating for them a possible future in photography, film or television. The Commune has also produced three feature documentaries, two fiction features and several short films, clips and spots3. The society of Rojava is thus becoming increasingly used to hearing the voices of its own people in the media instead of being misrepresented from outside.

Sevinaz Evdike (1991, Syria) — a member of the Commune since 2015 — is a graduate of the Cegerxwin Academy of Art in Turkey, and director of the Rojava International Film Festival. She teaches scriptwriting and has directed the film ‘Home’ that addresses issues of children, women and remnants of war.

Watch the Rojava Film Commune productions on Youtube and follow their news on Instagram.

Cover image: The kids watching at screening project Cinema is in your Neighborhood, 2017, courtesy Diyar Hesso

Top image: Filming a documantary about the Kobane Resistance, courtesy Dijwar Mousa

1. Members of the commune together. Image: courtesy Eli Amed
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2. Camera training, film making workshop in Kobane. After this warkshop Rojava Film Commune opend in Kobane, 2018. Image: courtesy Ahmed Feqe
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3. Filming Berbu.Image: courtesy Dijwar Mousa
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