Haro Cumbusyan

Haro Cumbusyan is a social entrepreneur and a collector of media art. He is the Founding Director of EK BİÇ YE İÇ, a social enterprise based in Istanbul that focuses on urban farming, healthy eating, and sustainable living in big cities.  Before that, Haro ran collectorspace, a nonprofit organisation that through its exhibition program, off-site events, and publications, aimed to open up private collections to public view, and subject them to critical review. Before moving to Europe, Haro was a partner at Michael Allen Company, an analytic consultancy based in the US.  He holds graduate degrees in Economics from London School of Economics and University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Yale School of Management.  Haro is a member of the Board of Directors of Council (Paris) and SAHA (Istanbul), the Board of Advisors of Protocinema (Istanbul/New York), the Selection Committee of LOOP Moving Image Fair (Barcelona), and the Acquisition Committee of Media and Performance at MoMA (New York).  He lives with his family near Zurich, Switzerland. 

images: courtesy Haro Cumbusyan