Shoreline Movements: A Moon Made of Iron (Una luna de hierro)

This film is part of the exhibition Shoreline Movements, a program of non-fiction films curated by Erika Balsom and Grégory Castéra (Council), in a space designed by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, for the Taipei Biennial 2020.

A Moon Made of Iron opens with the poetry of Xu Lizhi, a worker at the Foxconn electronics factory in Shenzhen, China, who committed suicide in 2014 at the age of 24. It then cuts across the globe to the waters of Patagonia. The sea appears placid, but it is in fact a sea of desperation, horrendous working conditions, and bodies overboard in liquid graves. Moving between the local and the global, the shore and the deep, Francisco Rodriguez inhabits the rippling wake of dead Chinese workers who attempted to flee their squid-fishing boat off the Chilean coast, far from the first for whom a long maritime voyage was one of no return. In Una luna de hierro, the distant is near and the near, distant.

A Moon Made of Iron (Una luna de hierro), 2017, 29:00


  • Francisco Rodriguez

Crew Cast

  • Carmen Godoi
  • Onoria Jimenez
  • Winston Alarcón
  • Samuel Barrientos
  • Fernando Ramirez
  • Julián Ramirez
  • Sang Won Yoon
  • Curtis Putralk


  • Andrés Jordán

Camera assistant

  • María José Burgos


  • Andrés Zelada

Sound editing

  • Marion Papinot

Sound Mix

  • Romain Ozanne

Images courtesy of the artist and Le Fresnoy.

Line producer

  • Sebastián Sánchez Barrientos
  • María José Ventura

Executive Producer

  • Bertrand Scalabre


  • Le Fresnoy - Studio National

Distribution company

  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national
  • Natalia Trebik