Correspondaences is a platform where artists and cultural practitioners share needs, aspirations or projects, and a peer community responds on a case by case basis through art conversations, professional guidance, and administrative and financial support.

In response to the the multiple crises Lebanon has been going through over the last years, the initiative was created after the explosion of the Beirut port on August 4th, 2020 by a group of citizens working in the fields of arts and culture between France and Lebanon. They formed a non-for-profit organization under the name of “Correspondaences”.

They are gathering a community of "correspondents" willing to provide their time and expertise to exchange with the Lebanese artistic community. This group is always expanding based on the idea that long-term solidarity movements are necessary in the cultural field.

The initiative currently focuses on exchanges between Lebanon and France, but is aimed to expand geographically soon.

How does it work ?

It always starts with a conversation

We are in constant communication with artists and cultural practitioners from Lebanon. Our mission does not entail launching or selecting projects. We rather act as mediators. To ensure this, we are in contact with a network of professionals and organizations (art residencies, festivals, art centers or museums) in order to find the best suited opportunities to the different needs.

It continues with an encounter

Based on the initial conversation, we propose a meeting with one of our peers or “Correspondents”. They are artists, curators, professionals from different fieldswho share their time and experience to engage inartistic dialogue and answer logistical questions.

It can lead to a financial support

In some cases, Correspondaences can offer a complementary financial support to an initial invitation or partnership in France. Requests can be submitted throughout the year and can take the form of :

  • Additional aid for the presentation (a show, exhibition projects)
  • Additional aid for residencies.
  • Covering travel costs in the context of a large conference or seminar, etc.

Founding Members

  • Tarek Atoui
  • Sandra Dagher
  • Joana Hadjithomas
  • Khalil Joreige
  • Sandra Terdjman


  • Mayssa Abourahal

Visual Communication

  • Bananamonkey


  • Amanda Abi Khalil
  • Serge Akl
  • Nadim Asfar
  • Antoine Atallah
  • Marc Baroud
  • Eric Baudelaire
  • Alexandra Baudelot
  • Tina Baz
  • Charles Berberian
  • Arno Bertina
  • Remi Bonhomme
  • Marine Bougaran
  • Mélanie Bouteloup
  • Grégory Castéra
  • Clement Dirié
  • Anne Dressen
  • Mattias Enard
  • Laure Flammarion
  • Pierre France
  • Jean Michel Frodon
  • Joseph Ghosn
  • Marta Gili
  • Alexandre Guirkinger
  • Karina el Helou
  • Rabih Keyrouz
  • Franck Leibovici
  • Blanche de Lestrange
  • Marcella Lista
  • Morad Montazami
  • Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez
  • Rasha Salah
  • Rasha Salti
  • Carole Schoucair
  • Christian Sebille
  • Ida Soulard
  • Noé Soulier
  • Youssef Tohmé


  • French Ministry of Culture (DGCA)
  • Li Beirut (UNESCO)
  • Council
  • Institut Français du Liban