Council’s inquiries aim to provide unexpected descriptions of societal issues. Around each issue, Council gathers contributors with a variety of practices who have differently experienced the question, creating occasions for sharing and discussing. They are invited to participate in research, fieldwork, seminars, workshops and informal discussions intended to influence each one of their practices.

Within these long-term projects, Council curates exhibitions and events, and commissions new works and texts to artists, researchers and activists. Today four inquiries constitute the core of Council's artistic programme. They respectively encourage specific approaches to questions of deafness (Infinite Ear), gender equality (T.A.N.J.), climate change (On Becoming Earthlings), and collective experimentation (Collective Agenda).

A trans-disciplinary Post-Master course based at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2020–)
Notes on the Art of Working, Thinking and Living Together
A biannual arts and human rights magazine exploring “crime against nature” laws and their legacies (2021)
An exhibition of experimental non-fiction films, Taipei Biennial, 2020
A biannual arts and human rights magazine exploring “crime against nature” laws and their legacies (2020)
A project exploring “crime against nature” laws and their legacies, in print, in person and online (2015–)
A symposium hosted by Ashkal Alwan in Beirut, 2015
Contour Biennial, Centre Pompidou, Paris, MAMM, Medellin, 2017
A film by Carlos Motta and Maya Mikdashi, 2015
Film programmes exploring the attempts of humans to represent the different scales of environmental crises (2015–)
A project that explores the concerns raised by collective practices today (2017–)
Exhibitions and workshops on the transformation of hearing with Deaf culture (2013–)
A film by Zhou Tao, 2019
An event on how to think and live the Anthropocene, Paris, 2015
Peer to peer platform for artists and cultural practitioners from Lebanon.