Council’s inquiries were a series of long-term artistic research. Initiated in dialogue with commissioners and developed collectively over several years, the inquiries aimed at bringing a more nuanced approach on societal and environmental concerns. Around each concern, Council assembled artists, academics and activists of various perspectives, designing occasions–such as exhibitions, events, new commissions, education programs and publications.

The program of inquiries was driven by the belief that art can be a space to host assemblies and alternative forums to present public affairs or social issues differently. In that sense, Council’s inquiries were an important contribution to the field of "Political Arts", as defined and embodied by philosopher Bruno Latour in his late career.

Council’s inquiries were concerned about ableism and the politics of hearing (Infinite Ear, 2013-2020), queer ecologies and international LGBTQI+ right (The Against Nature Journal, 2014-2022), the more-than-human scale (On Becoming Earthlings, 2015-2022) and collective ecologies (Collective Practices, 2019-2022).

Exhibitions and workshops on the transformation of hearing with Deaf culture (2013–)
A project exploring “crime against nature” laws and their legacies, in print, in person and online (2015–)
Film programmes exploring the attempts of humans to represent the different scales of environmental crises (2015–)
A project that explores the concerns raised by collective practices today (2017–)