At the crossroads of arts and social engagement, AFIELD is a programme to support artists and cultural producers who instigate sustainable social initiatives across the world.

AFIELD is composed of two granting programmes: a fellowship awarded to two individuals each year and a mentorship to support younger initiatives, guided by the skillful advice of previously selected fellows.

Since 2014, AFIELD has become an international network of inspiring individuals who engage in social and artistic experimentation. They are recognized by their peers for their artistic and cultural practice and have decided to start a citizen-based project to share knowledge and prompt new perspectives. Their initiatives often take the form of cultural houses, schools, research centres, and small businesses that challenge inequalities through bottom-up action at a local level.

AFIELD is awarded by Council and Tsadik Foundation

Fellow 2014 — Brazil
Fellow 2014 — South Africa
Fellow 2015 - Peru
Fellow 2015 - Jordan
Fellow 2016 — Spain
Fellow 2016 - Turkey
Fellow 2017 — Cuba
Mentee 2018 – France
Mentees 2018 – South Africa
Mentee 2018 – Italy