At the crossroad of art and social engagement, AFIELD is an international network of creative and civically minded communities.

Based on a fellowship and a mentorship programme, AFIELD supports each year 6 artists and cultural entrepreneurs who instigate sustainable initiatives that benefit society.

These exemplary initiatives often take the form of cultural houses, schools, research centers, and small businesses that share knowledge, challenge inequalities and prompt new perspectives.

The mentorship program is conceived as a peer-to-peer learning program during 18months. Mentees are selected through an open call by previous fellows and advisors who will be guiding them for that period.

Amplifying creative voices and solutions, AFIELD wishes to bring arts and culture at the foreground of social experimentation and international philanthropy thinking.

Fellow 2018 – Ethiopia
Fellow 2018 – France
Fellow 2018 - Venezuela
Fellows 2018 - Guinea Bissau
Fellow 2017 — Cuba
Fellow 2016 - Turkey
Fellow 2016 — Spain
Fellow 2015 - Jordan
Fellow 2015 - Peru
Fellow 2014 — South Africa
Fellow 2014 — Brazil
Mentee 2019 – Hawaii
Mentee 2019 – Mali
Mentee 2019 – Mexico
Mentee 2018 – Italy
Mentees 2018 – South Africa
Mentee 2018 – France
Advisor – London
Advisor – Rotterdam
Advisor – New York
Advisor – Barcelona
Advisor – Beirut
Advisor – Jakarta
Advisor – Mexico
Advisor – Singapore
Advisor – New York
Advisor – Hong Kong