At the crossroads of arts and social engagement, AFIELD is a collaborative network of artists, activists and cultural entrepreneurs who instigate sustainable social initiatives across the world. AFIELD is based on a fellowship programme that each year supports 6 inspiring individuals engaged in social and artistic experimentation.

Fellows are initially recognized by their peers for their artistic and cultural practice and have decided to start a citizen-based project to share knowledge and prompt new perspectives. Their initiatives often take the form of cultural houses, schools, research centers, and small businesses that challenge inequalities through bottom-up action at a local level.

Leveraging and amplifying creative voices and solutions, AFIELD brings arts and culture at the foreground of both local grassroots activism and international philanthropy thinking.

AFIELD advisors committee is composed of Binna Choi, Moukhtar Kocache, Farid Rakun, Chantal Wong, Dora Garcia, Walid Raad, Pedro Reyes, Ho Tzu Nyen, Pio Abad and Hank Willis Thomas.

Mentee 2019 – Hawaii
Mentee 2019 – Mali
Mentee 2019 – Mexico
Fellow 2018 – Ethiopia
Fellow 2018 – France
Fellows 2018 - Guinea Bissau
Fellow 2018 - Venezuela
Mentee 2018 – Italy
Mentees 2018 – South Africa
Mentee 2018 – France
Fellow 2017 — Cuba
Fellow 2016 - Turkey
Fellow 2016 — Spain
Fellow 2015 - Jordan
Fellow 2015 - Peru
Fellow 2014 — South Africa
Fellow 2014 — Brazil