Eldgja Canyon

Eldgja Canyon
Gravure and letterpress on paper
Gravure et typographie sur papier
25 x 33 cm

Ed. 30 + 8 AP

In a conceptual take on the traditional landscape gravure, Eric Baudelaire proposes a narrative scene in Eldgja Canyon, Iceland, that plays with the relationship between news and imagination. The gravure’s background is made with a found copper plate. The text is printed in silver ink letterpress. The narrative is drawn from a Canadian newspaper headline collected by the artist, evoking a 2012 incident during which a tourist departed from her group tour of Eldgja Canyon to go to the bathroom and change her clothing. In her absence, she was reported missing. A search party was organised to look for her in the canyon. Unaware that she was, in fact, the missing person, the tourist joined the search party, looking for herself.

The gravure is an edition of 30 prints, made on the occasion of the Council benefit in 2018.