Measuring with a Bent Stick

Measuring with a Bent Stick focuses on the inclusion of non-scientific knowledge in measuring the impacts of climate change, with a specific interest for the camera as a recording tool.
Measuring with a Bent Stick is developed as a series of film residencies in urban and rural sites where climate change directly affects people and/or is specifically perceived, measured and communicated.

A series of new films will be produced by artists and filmmakers, in partnership with art institutions and local communities around the globe. Each one of them will be encouraged to work with local communities and academics coming from a variety of fields: atmospheric sciences, geology, environmental studies, economics, sociology, law, political science, and film studies.  The films will be accompanied by a discursive platform with talks, workshops, screenings, assemblies, and the publication of texts and videos.

Measuring with a Bent Stick follows The Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge: On Becoming Earthlings, an event by Mobile Academy Berlin commissionned by Council and Cuesta on 2015.

Measuring With a Bent Stick, an inquiry by Council


  • Antonin Charret

Initiated with

  • Nina and Daniel Carasso Foundation

Supported by

  • Foundation for Arts Initiatives

    Cover and top image: Zhou Tao, North of the Mountain, 2019, film still