Infinite Ear : Infinite Ear: A Reader

On the occasion of the exhibition in Bergen, Emma Mc-Cormick-Goodhart selected a series of texts collected in this reader through categories. Some of them are excerpts, and some are full texts. All rights are mentioned in the PDFs. Click onto the sections titles to download the PDFs.

Denis Diderot, Letter to the deaf and dumb for the use of those who hear and speak
Mike Gulliver, Deafscapes: The landscape and heritage of the Deaf world
Mike Gulliver, Banquet des sourds-muets: 122nd Anniversary of the Abbé de l’Epée
Jeffrey Mansfield,Space, Time and Gesture: Gestural Expression, Sensual Aesthetics and Crisis in Contemporary Spatial Paradigms
Louise Stern, Ismael and His Sisters

Charles Michel De L’epée, How the Deaf and Dumb may be brought to understand, in some measure, what it is to hear, audibus audire
Sheila Patek, Spiny lobsters stick and slip to make sounds

Roald Dahl, The Sound Machine
Lendl Barcelos, Audition Under Sensory Deprivation

Stefan Helmreich, Seashell Sound
Norbert Wiener, Sound Communication with the Deaf
Jonathan Sterne, Mediate Auscultation: The Social and Philosophical Basis of a Technique
Avital Ronell, The Deaf
Sophie Wolley, Cyborg
Sophie Wolley, I Am The Walrus

Michele Friedner and Stefan Helmreich, Sound Studies Meet Deaf Studies
H-Dirksen Bauman and Joseph Murray, Deaf Gain: An Introduction

John Cage, Music Lovers’ Field Companion
Steve Goodman, 1999: Vibrational Anarchitecture
Ines Weizman, Tuning into the Void: The Aurality of Adolf Loos’s Architecture
Adolf Loos, The Mystery of Acoustics

Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening Pieces
Veit Erlmann, Descartes’s Resonant Subject
Steven Connor, Auscultations

Steve Goodman, 13.7 Billion B.C.: The Ontology of Vibrational Force
Nabil Ahmed, Sounding Chaos
Lendl Barcelos, The Nuclear Sonic: Listening to Millennial Matter

Madeline Gins, “Perception Has Got to Have a Body!”
John Varley, The Persistence of Vision

Tom Mccarthy, Tintin and the Secret of Literature
Paul Feigelfeld, Kittler and the Sirens


  • Emma McCormick-Goodhart
  • in collaboration with Grégory Castéra


  • Nabil Ahmed
  • Lendl Barcelos
  • H-Dirksen Bauman
  • John Cage
  • Steven Connor
  • Roald Dahl
  • Charles Michel De L’Épée
  • Denis Diderot
  • Veit Erlmann
  • Paul Feigelfeld
  • Michele Friedner
  • Madeline Gins
  • Steve Goodman
  • Mike Gulliver
  • Stefan Helmreich
  • Adolf Loos
  • Jeffrey Mansfield
  • Tom McCarthy
  • Emma McCormick-Goodhart
  • Joseph Murray
  • Pauline Oliveros
  • Sheila Patek
  • Avital Ronell
  • Louise Stern
  • Jonathan Sterne
  • John Varley
  • Norbert Wiener
  • Ines Weizman
  • Sophie Wolley

Published on the occasion of the exhibition WITHIN / Infinite Ear, Bergen Assembly, 2016

Image: Blueberry Surprise (complete utterance) Joseph Grigely, 2006 Vinyl wall text, dimensions variable Courtesy of the artist and Air de Paris, Paris. Deaf since the age of ten, Joseph Grigely essentially focuses on the art of conversation, exploring issues of communication and language. Blueberry Surprise consists of one continuous text of 45000 words collected over the last ten years, written by peo- ple with whom the artist spoke. Each change of color (red, orange and black) signifies a switch to “a new voice,” characters who always remain unknown.